What drives us

We always put the same unconditional love in what we do, from the simpler project to the most complex one. Commitment, passion and expertise at maximum levels. This is how we get the biggest satisfaction: our customer’s satisfaction.

We produce printouts from 70 years

The Berrino family operates in the printing sector since 1950

It all began in post-war Turin, a city that was struggling to recover from the post-war period. Thirty-year-old Felice Berrino, after years of apprenticeship (as a composer first and as a typographer later on) at the Aiani&Canale typography, decided to open his own business.

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Felice had a very hard but stimulating work experience behind him and training at the famous Vigliardi Paravia typographic school, a reference point for generations of typographers. Also very important was the acquaintance with a young Armando Testa, who worked with him for a long time at the typesetting desks. It was February 1950.
After two years of working alone, his son Leonardo and his wife Annetta also began to help him, the former making deliveries to customers, the latter in accounting and administration.
In 1960 the premises had become too narrow to work in and it was necessary to expand to accommodate the first collaborators and lead the great transition from printing machines to offset machines. In the early seventies, growth led the small printing house to become a printing industry.
The family also expanded and Leonardo was joined by his wife Marialuisa, who remained at his side throughout his family and working life.
In 1981 the decision was taken to leave the city and move to the current premises to facilitate development and be closer to the motorway junction.
In the early nineties, his sons Alberto and Davide joined their paternal grandfather, their father and their mother to lead the company into the third generation.

Benefit Company


In our Articles of Association, we have formalised our intention to pursue one or more common-benefit purposes and to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, institutions and associations and other stakeholders.
Particularly we highlighted the following five goals:


Achieving an economic and industrial model fully aware of the need to protect the planet’s environment.


Contributing to the creation of social and cultural well-being.


In general, pursuing the B-Corporation model.


Searching for sustainable production methods and technological innovation models aimed at the positive transformation of economic, production, consumption and cultural paradigms, leading to the systematic regeneration of natural and social systems.


Collaborating and creating synergies with non-profit organisations, such as associations, foundations and the like, to contribute to their development and broaden the positive impact of their work.

2020 impact assessment

A document that for Berrino will become increasingly as strategic as the annual report.

Our certifications

We are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we use certified papers.

FSC certificate papers

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is the main guarantee about the origin of wood or paper. This is an international certification system that ensures that the raw material used to make a wooden or paper product comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are met.

 ISO 14001

We have always been committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding the local ecosystem. The strong sensitivity towards ecology, fully shared by all members of staff, was officially recognised in xxx (year) through the ISO 14001 environmental certification, issued to Berrino Printer by Certiquality, one of the most important and stringent certifiers in Italy.

Berrino constantly monitors its printing equipment for compatibility with the latest environmental protection standards. The Environmental Management System used is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO14001 and every strategic decision is in line with the commitment made to protect the ecosystem.

Every member of staff at the typography is constantly complying with current environmental legislation, working on reducing environmental impacts and preventing pollution by recycling products.

In addition, all renovations and modernisations to the facility have been designed with the aim of reducing energy waste while optimising the natural resources used. The entire staff is engaged on a daily basis in reducing the use of materials and development and fixing solutions, and in producing less waste for disposal. Even the maintenance of the systems is carried out using environmentally friendly and reusable products.